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Fair Legacy Society

The FAIR Legacy Society is an amazing organization of friends who have chosen to support FAIR’s mission through planned giving for the future. Through these special gifts, our supporters ensure FAIR’s critical work will continue long into the future.

Recognizing FAIR and its mission in your estate planning is a valuable way to honor your concern for the nation’s future while helping ensure the cause of true immigration reform. Establishment of your gift is all that is required to recognize you as an Honoree of this distinguished group.  

Benefits of Becoming a FAIR Legacy Member

  • A commemorative FAIR Legacy Society pin  
  • Recognition in one of FAIR’s Newsletters – The Immigration Report (Optional)
  • Your legacy contribution to FAIR is also permanently memorialized in a special place of honor in our offices
    here in Washington DC. (Of course, you may choose to remain anonymous.) 
  • The satisfaction of knowing your gift will make a difference in helping to fight for sensible immigration laws
    for America, now and for the future.

Gift Options

What is a planned gift? Simply put, it is any gift, made during one’s lifetime or posthumously, as part of a donor’s overall financial and/or estate plan. Planning a gift to FAIR can allow you to take full advantage of the personal benefits you can realize through solid financial planning. Some of those benefits can include valuable tax advantages, augmented income for you and another beneficiary, diversifying your investments, and even the possibility of making a larger gift than would otherwise be possible.

Below are several gift plans that enable you to become a FAIR legacy member while maintaining your present-day financial flexibility.

Note: Always consult with your attorney, tax advisor, or accountant to determine the planned gift instrument that best suits your situation.