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FAIR is fighting to restore common sense border controls and an immigration policy that works for America and the future of all Americans. Over the past year, America’s immigration and border controls have fallen apart due to ineffective leadership from Washington. We face a true national emergency! There is no time to lose. The American way of life and the future of our natural environment and resource base depends on restoring the proper balance between our needs and the unlimited demands of millions on the move.

But we can’t fight this battle alone. WE NEED YOU TO TAKE ACTION NOW! Can we count on you for a donation or even a monthly contribution? Whether it’s $25, $50, $100 or more, the action you take now will help us continue the fight for an America we can be proud of and the rest of the world will respect.

Recent Blogs

Semi Truck Waiting at the U.S.-Mexico Border
Presidential Administration - Legacy

Migrant Post-Mortem: Blood on Biden’s Hands

Bob Dane
- June 29, 2022
Fifty-one migrants perishing inside an abandoned truck on the south side of San Antonio was an unmitigated tragedy -- and an avoidable one. The Biden administration got this and other horrors rolling by opening the southwestern border and serving as a logistics arm of human traffickers for whom life is cheap. In pursuing policies that encourage illegal aliens to risk their lives with lawless and dangerous smugglers, Washington invites more death and depredation.
Florida Road Sign, Money Flying, ICE Agents
Sanctuary Policies

Reason Magazine's Unreasonable Approach Towards 287(g) Agreements

Pawel Styrna
- June 27, 2022
The libertarian magazine Reason has been consistently wrong on immigration since its inception. However, one recent article by assistant editor Fiona Harrigan was especially egregious. The article pushes the thoroughly debunked myth that 287(g) agreements are costly to taxpayers and do nothing to neutralize crime. The reality is that such agreements keep our communities safe by removing dangerous illegal aliens and also save taxpayers a significant amount of money.
Florida state flag sunset
Border Security
State & Local Legislation - Legacy

Florida Ramps Up Immigration Enforcement Efforts

Jason Peña
- June 27, 2022
As Texas and Arizona surge their resources to keep the lawlessness from the southern border at bay, Florida is expanding its interior immigration enforcement apparatus within its borders. On June 17, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) announced three initiatives to combat the influx of illegal immigration into the state.

Latest Immigration News

Massachusetts driver's license ballot
Illegal Immigration
Workforce & Economy
Societal Impact

Massachusetts Ballot Petition Aims to Stop Driver's Licenses for Illegal Aliens

June 24, 2022
​Massachusetts voters could cast their ballots in November to block the state's new law granting driver's licenses to illegal aliens. If enough signatures are gathered and voters agree with the referendum petition, the state law to give illegal aliens driver's licenses would be repealed before it takes effect on July 1, 2023.
workers standing in diagonal line
Workforce & Economy

Mass Immigration Won’t Stimulate Post-Covid Recovery: Debunking America-Last Economic Myths

June 21, 2022
As the United States continues to climb out of the COVID-19 pandemic, the nation’s recovery has been economically challenged on various fronts. While the availability of jobs and labor force participation have gradually improved over the past two years, the economy remains below pre-pandemic levels according to most metrics. Meanwhile, government spending and inflation have increased significantly, causing some form of economic hardship for virtually all Americans.
Homeland Security Brand
Border Security
National Security
Societal Impact

Proposed FY2023 DHS Spending Bill Fails to Address Border Crisis

June 17, 2022
The House Appropriations Committee’s Subcommittee on Homeland introduced the proposed fiscal year 2023 budget for DHS. Although both ICE and CBP would receive more funding than the FY 2022 level and President Biden’s budget request, it still falls short of what is needed to successfully address the ongoing crisis at the border.
Supreme Court of the United States
Legal Immigration
Illegal Immigration
Societal Impact

This Week’s Important Immigration Rulings

June 17, 2022
Advocates for immigration enforcement saw two big victories within the judicial branch this week, followed by a setback from the U.S. Supreme Court.

What You Can Do

FAIR makes It easy to stay close to the action. Whether you’re interested in the national view or the impact immigration reform has on your local or regional community, FAIR can help you get involved through:

  • Information and updates on major legislation
  • Meeting with congressional staff
  • Big picture updates on how immigration reform is evolving

Plus, we’ll show you ways you can stay involved in your community through:

  • Legislation updates that directly impact your local scene
  • Contact with your local FAIR Activist Representative.
  • Ways you can stay on the front lines right from home

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What You Need to Know About Immigration

Growing Amnesty


Amnesty is usually understood as the granting of legal status to a foreign national who illegally entered the United States or illegally overstayed their work or travel visa.

Illegal Immigration

Illegal Immigration

Each year, hundreds of thousands of aliens deliberately violate our nation’s laws by unlawfully crossing U.S. borders.

Legal Immigration

Legal Immigration

At FAIR, we believe that a well thought-out and well-enforced immigration policy plays an important role in helping maintain the quality of life in America.

National Security

National Security

Maintaining an acceptable level of National Security is dependent on ensuring that strong immigration policies are in force,

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Take Action Today!

It’s easy to become emotional about topics like immigration reform. For those of us who have grown up with and embraced the concept of sovereignty, it’s difficult to imagine a country, a nation without secure borders. And without the policies and legal processes that keep our sovereignty as originally imagined, we risk losing it all to those who embrace an agenda of mass uncontrolled immigration, sanctuary cities and cheap labor.

And yet, that is the very real threat we are facing today from anti-border radicals. And that’s why real action is needed — action that is part of that definition, part of that protection that we all value most.

Indeed, until all of us who care deeply about this issue take action, immigration reform is simply an intellectual exercise. And clearly, thought and words and sentiments are simply not enough to see us through.

Make no mistake, FAIR is fighting back by launching new projects and initiatives that:

  • Put America first,
  • Stop the flow of federal money to sanctuary cities, and
  • End the terrible policy of chain migration.

But this is a battle that we can’t fight alone. And one way you can help, right now, is a donation or even a monthly contribution of $25, $50, $100 or more to the preservation of the America we know and love.

Get involved. Stay Involved. Take action now.