Obama Reiterates Promise for Administrative Amnesty; Question is When

President Obama gave his clearest statement to date that he is moving forward with his plan to bypass Congress and unilaterally exempt millions of illegal aliens from deportation...the only question is the timing.

How Many UACs Have Been Released in Your County?

As American children across the country head back to school this fall, HHS has finally released county level data on the numbers of unaccompanied alien minors who will be joining them after being released to "sponsors" throughout the United States.

Obama to Nominate Sarah Saldaña to Lead Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)

Last Thursday, President Obama indicated his intention to nominate Dallas prosecutor Sarah Saldaña to be Director of ICE. Saldaña has spent the past three years as the U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Texas.

Maine Fights to Stop Municipalities from Giving Welfare to Illegal Aliens

The Maine Department of Health and Human Services has filed a counterclaim in a lawsuit against the Maine Municipal Association to force the cities of Portland and Westbrook to stop providing General Assistance benefits to illegal aliens.

Virginia Waives Immunization Requirements for Unaccompanied Illegal Alien Minors

The Virginia Department of Education issued a memorandum ordering all of its divisions to "enroll" unaccompanied illegal alien minors into public schools even if they have not received immunizations.

FAIR Urges MO Department of Higher Education Not to Fund Scholarships for Illegal Aliens

FAIR recently sent a letter to the Missouri Department of Higher Education urging them to reverse their decision to offer scholarships to illegal aliens under the state's "A+ Scholarship Program."

Boston City Council Considers Anti-Cooperation Legislation

Boston City Councilor Josh Zikam introduced legislation, so-called "Boston TRUST Act", to the Boston City Council that would prohibit the city's law enforcement officials from complying with detainers requested by ICE.

Dan Stein - DOJ Loses Paperwork of Half of Children Caught at Border

"The Department of Justice does not have receipts for more than half of the unaccompanied alien children apprehended at the southwest border by Border Patrol...

Bob Dane - Waiting for Obama's Next Move

Now that the House border bill is effectively dead on arrival, the waiting game begins for the next maneuver from the White House.

Dan Stein - The President is Treading on Very Dangerous Ground

It has just begun to dawn on a few stalwart administration supporters that the president’s unilateralism is precedent-setting in dangerous ways.

Open-borders advocates shamelessly exploit the surge of minors

Data tell us that the surge of illegal alien minors began with the president's implementation of the unauthorized Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals in 2012.

Demand Congress Change Immigration Policy

Additional funding might help ease the chaos, but it will not solve the crisis. That's why we must demand that Congress condition any additional funding on making meaningful immigration policy changes.

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