Obama Administration Weighing Another Backdoor Amnesty

Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson is considering further restricting his Department's ability to deport illegal aliens.

Speaker Boehner Tells Donors He is "Hellbent" on Getting Immigration Done

According to attendees at a Las Vegas fundraiser last month, Speaker Boehner told a room full of donors that he is "hellbent" on getting immigration reform legislation passed this year.

USCIS Takes First Steps to Contain Explosion in Asylum Cases

A new memo from USCIS suggests that immigration officials are finally beginning address the explosion of asylum cases in the United States.

Maryland: Governor O'Malley to Protect Criminal Aliens by Ignoring ICE Detainer Requests

Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley directed Maryland's Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services to ignore U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement detainers.

California Legislation Creates Student Loan Program for Illegal Aliens

The California Senate Education Committee passed Senate Bill ("S.B.") 1210, which establishes a loan program for illegal aliens at the California State University and University of California university systems.

Action Alert: House GOP Leadership Endorses Amnesty!

Call now to oppose this sellout of the American people.

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Learn about the policies that serve the interests of the American people.

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