GAO: Executive Amnesty Caused UAC Surge

A new report from GAO finds that President Obama’s executive amnesty programs played a significant role in the surge of UACs from Central America who unlawfully crossed the border last year.

Judge Poised to Order Release of 1,800 Illegal Aliens

Federal District Judge Dolly Gee ruled that the Obama Administration’s policy of detaining illegal alien minors and families violated a 1997 settlement entered into by the Clinton Administration, and ordered the government to show why those detainees should not be released within 90 days.

Border Patrol Orders Release of Illegal Alien who Becomes Suspect in Violent Crime Spree

Only two weeks after being released from a local jail, an illegal alien in Ohio is now accused of murdering a woman, attempting to rape a 14-year-old girl, and shooting another woman in the arm.

San Francisco Deputy Sheriffs File Complaint against City’s Sanctuary Policy

The union representing San Francisco deputy sheriffs filed a complaint with the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department, demanding that the Department rescind the sanctuary policy that prohibits the San Francisco sheriff’s office...

California Committee Passes Bill to Allow Illegal Aliens to Join State Obamacare Exchange

Last week, the California Assembly Committee on Health passed Senate Bill 4, which may allow illegal aliens to buy health insurance on California’s health care exchange established under Obamacare.

New Mexico Cracks Down on Fraud, Sees Drastic Drop in Illegal Alien Driver's Licenses

The number of driver's licenses issued to illegal aliens in New Mexico dropped by 70% following the Department of Public Safety's recent crackdown on document fraud.

Cost of Illegal Immigration Infographics

Wondering how illegal immigration is affecting your pocket book?

Dan Stein on Fox and Friends to discuss Immigration Detention Systemon

FAIR President Dan Stein discussed the immigration detention system on Fox News on July 18, 2015.

Why Should You Care About Immigration?

Immigration has significant impact on education, jobs, poverty, healthcare, taxes, wages and the environment.

"Normalizing" Diplomatic Relations with Cuba Should Mean "Normalizing" Immigration Policy Too, Says FAIR

"If we are treating Cuba like virtually every other nation on earth in terms of trade...

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