Sheriffs: Executive Amnesty Jeopardizes Community Safety

On December 10, sheriffs from around the country organized in Washington, D.C. and demanded that Congress support enforcement of immigration law and defund President Obama's executive action to legalize millions of illegal aliens.

Senate Passes National Defense Authorization Bill

Last Friday, the Senate passed Fiscal Year 2015 National Defense Authorization Act, which the House had passed on December 4. The NDAA contains provisions which will make it easier for Afghans and Kurds to emigrate to the U. S.

17 States File Suit to Challenge Executive Amnesty

Last week, 17 states filed a lawsuit to challenge President Obama's executive amnesty, claiming the President exceeded his authority by issuing policy memoranda to roll-back enforcement of federal immigration law.

Executive Amnesty Poised to Give Millions of Illegal Aliens Driver's Licenses

In addition to shielding illegal aliens from deportation and rewarding them with work authorization, President Obama's executive amnesty will make illegal aliens eligible for driver's licenses in up to 48 states.

Sheriffs Rally to Oppose Amnesty

Sheriffs from around the country are planning a massive gathering in Washington, D.C. to rally against President Obama's anticipated executive amnesty.

Immigration Enforcement Wins Big in the States

When President Obama asked voters to put his "policies on the ballot this fall," voters spoke loud and clear about their support for immigration enforcement.

After Protracted Battle House Adopts Spending Bill without Defunding Amnesty

After over nine hours of uncertainty, the House of Representatives passed a $1.1 trillion dollar government funding bill that does nothing to stop President Obama’s executive amnesty.

Republican Leadership Is Already Dropping the Ball On Immigration

What we need to see from next year's House and Senate leadership is a five point program to get something done that responds to the threat we face as a nation.

John Boehner and GOP Leadership Must Act Now to Defund Amnesty

A Vote for the Budget Bill is a Vote for Obama's Illegal Executive Action, Charges FAIR
If House Speaker John Boehner fails to do so, voters will hold him accountable as a co-conspirator in the president's plan," charged Dan Stein.

Presidential Amnesty Will Protect Nearly All Illegal Aliens

Five million is the widely reported estimate of the number of illegal aliens who will benefit from President Obama's executive amnesty policy announced on November 20.

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