Maryland Governor to Reinstate Cooperation with ICE

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan announced last week that the state will increase cooperation efforts with ICE and comply with requests from the agency for information regarding criminal aliens.

UACs Still Crossing the Border at Crisis Levels

New data released by U.S. Customs and Border Protection reveal that, though media attention has died down, UACs and parents with children continue to illegally pour across the border at crisis levels.

Trump Unveils Immigration Enforcement Plan

Last week, Donald Trump released his immigration reform plan, which rejects amnesty and instead focuses on immigration enforcement.

Texas Lt. Governor Vows to Rid State of Sanctuary Cities in Next Session

On Wednesday, Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick pledged to make local cooperation with federal immigration authorities a priority for the state’s next legislative session.

Border Patrol Orders Release of Illegal Alien who Becomes Suspect in Violent Crime Spree

Only two weeks after being released from a local jail, an illegal alien in Ohio is now accused of murdering a woman, attempting to rape a 14-year-old girl, and shooting another woman in the arm.

San Francisco Deputy Sheriffs File Complaint against City’s Sanctuary Policy

The union representing San Francisco deputy sheriffs filed a complaint with the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department, demanding that the Department rescind the sanctuary policy that prohibits the San Francisco sheriff’s office...

Trump's Immigration Outline Actually Puts the Horse before the Cart

It affirms the public interest and backs it up with deterrence and enforcement.

Amnesty: Breaking the Social Security Bank

Those who advocate "comprehensive immigration reform" avoid discussing the potential costs of granting amnesty to approximately 12 million illegal aliens.

Southern Poverty Law Center Protects Corrupt System While Defending Policies that Undermine Immigration Enforcement

DHS's Priority Enforcement Program More Like "Pretend Enforcement Program,"

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