DHS Implements Path to Citizenship for Illegal Alien Religious Workers

In April, the federal Third Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that illegal aliens are eligible for religious worker visas. The Obama administration declined to appeal the case. As a result, these illegal aliens will be put on a path to citizenship...

Grilled after Steinle Murder, Obama Administration Stands By Policies

Last Tuesday, before the House Judiciary Committee, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson stumbled over questions about why he stood by policies that allowed San Francisco officials to release Kate Steinle’s alleged killer onto the streets.

California Committee Passes Bill to Allow Illegal Aliens to Join State Obamacare Exchange

Last week, the California Assembly Committee on Health passed Senate Bill 4, which may allow illegal aliens to buy health insurance on California’s health care exchange established under Obamacare.

New Mexico Cracks Down on Fraud, Sees Drastic Drop in Illegal Alien Driver's Licenses

The number of driver's licenses issued to illegal aliens in New Mexico dropped by 70% following the Department of Public Safety's recent crackdown on document fraud.

California Murder Suspect Had Seven Felonies and Five Deportations

Francisco Sanchez, who shot and killed Kate Steinle at San Francisco’s Pier 14, is an illegal alien with seven convictions and five deportations under his belt. The suspect admitted to killing the young woman at the popular tourist destination in an interview released this weekend.

Delaware Senate Approves Bill to Give Driver’s Licenses to Illegal Aliens

On June 23, the Delaware Senate approved S.B. 59 to allow illegal alien residents in the state to receive driver’s licenses. The Senate voted 17-1 to advance the bill for approval in the House of Representatives.

Why Should You Care About Immigration?

Immigration has significant impact on education, jobs, poverty, healthcare, taxes, wages and the environment.

"Normalizing" Diplomatic Relations with Cuba Should Mean "Normalizing" Immigration Policy Too, Says FAIR

"If we are treating Cuba like virtually every other nation on earth in terms of trade...

What is True Immigration?

TRUE Immigration Reform is a policy that serves the interests of the American people.

Fast Facts About Immigration

11.7 million Illegal Aliens in the U.S.

$113 billion Annual National Cost of Illegal Immigration...

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