Boehner Border Group Offers Principles, Not Legislation to Address Surge

The group of House Republicans Speaker John Boehner tasked with solving the surge of illegal alien minors at the Southern border has apparently come up with only policy principles rather than legislation.

Senate at Impasse on Border Crisis Response

The U.S. Senate is at an impasse on how to respond to the border crisis.

Cornyn-Cuellar Bill Adds Layers to an Already Complex Removal Process

On July 15, Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) and Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX) introduced legislation to address the flood of illegal alien minors across the southern border.

Intelligence Report: Immigration Policy, Not Violence, Is Primary Reason for Border Crisis

A leaked government report by EPIC found that perceptions of U.S. immigration policy, not violence, is the primary factor causing the Central American migrant surge.

Obama Reaffirms Commitment to Expanding Administrative Amnesty in August

President Obama assured CHC in a closed door meeting last week he still plans on taking action later this year to further expand his administrative amnesty.

Texas City Passes Resolution to Prevent Transfer of Illegal Aliens into Community

On Tuesday, July 8, League City, Texas passed a resolution to prohibit the transfer of illegal aliens into their community.

New Jersey Legislators Once More Fight to Give Financial Aid to Illegal Aliens

New Jersey legislators held a press conference announcing their intention to reintroduce legislation that would grant taxpayer-funded financial aid to illegal aliens attending New Jersey's public colleges and university.

New York City Council Grants Illegal Aliens ID Cards

On June 26, the New York City Council passed Introduction 253, which establishes the New York City identity card program and provides city-issued identification cards to illegal aliens.

Massachusetts Committee Defeats Illegal Alien Driver's License Bill

Legislation that would make illegal aliens eligible to receive driver's licenses and learner's permits in Massachusetts failed this session because of its lack of support among constituents and within the Massachusetts legislature.

Open-borders advocates shamelessly exploit the surge of minors

Data tell us that the surge of illegal alien minors began with the president's implementation of the unauthorized Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals in 2012.

Demand Congress Change Immigration Policy

Additional funding might help ease the chaos, but it will not solve the crisis. That's why we must demand that Congress condition any additional funding on making meaningful immigration policy changes.

Congress Must Demand Policy Changes In Exchange for Releasing Border Funds to Obama

President Obama's emergency funding request is fatally flawed because it is not accompanied by critical policy changes that address the core of the immigration crisis our nation is now facing.

Obama Refuses to Take Responsibility for Illegal Immigration Crisis His Policies Created

President Obama attempted to shift the blame to House Republicans for refusing to pass legislation that would provide even greater inducements for more people to violate our immigration laws.

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