Effort Underway to Make Poland Eligible for Visa Waiver Program Despite High Rate of Illegal Immigration

The Senate Appropriations Committee added an amendment to the fiscal year 2016 DHS funding bill that makes Poland eligible for the VWP...

CIS: Worksite Enforcement Plummets Under Obama

A new report from CIS found that worksite enforcement has plummeted over the past couple of years. Using internal ICE statistics, the report charges that the Obama administration has “largely abandoned efforts to enforce the laws against hiring illegal workers.”

California Governor and Legislators Craft Deal to Give Illegal Aliens Health Care

Last Wednesday, California Governor Jerry Brown and a handful of state legislators announced that they reached a $115.4 billion budget agreement to cover illegal aliens in the state’s Medi-Cal program. Federal law already requires states to...

Illinois Passes Bill to Give Law Licenses to DACA Beneficiaries

Last week, the Illinois General Assembly passed S.B. 23 to allow illegal aliens granted deferred action under President Obama’s DACA program admission to the state bar. The bill enables DACA beneficiaries to practice law in the state despite not having a legal immigration status.

California Senate Passes Bill to Provide Health Care Coverage to Illegal Aliens

The California Senate passed S.B. 4 to expand health care coverage to illegal aliens living in the state. The Senate passed it by a 28-11 vote after legislators considerably scaled back benefits offered by the bill.

Nebraska Makes Aliens with Deferred Action Eligible for Driver's Licenses

Nebraska implemented a law that makes deferred action aliens eligible for driver’s licenses. Previously, Nebraska was the only state in the country to block driver's licenses from illegal alien beneficiaries of President Obama's DACA program.

The Davis-Oliver Act Would Restore Meaningful Interior Enforcement of U.S. Immigration Laws, Says FAIR

"Appropriately, the bill honors two California sheriffs' deputies whose cold-blooded murders were a direct consequence of the sorts of policies this bill seeks to end."

FAIR Analysis Shows DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson Fudged Facts at Rice University

Speaking to an audience at Rice University last week, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson delivered a flagrantly misleading speech on the current state of illegal immigration in the U.S.

Allowing Illegal Aliens To Enlist In The Military Is Poor Public Policy

FAIR opposes allowing illegal aliens to gain legal status through military service.

Court Ruling that Obama Exceeded Authority Provides Clarity for Congress to Act Now, Says FAIR

"FAIR applauds the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals decision maintaining the injunction on President Obama's executive amnesty programs...

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