Despite Opposition, USCIS Nominee to Receive Full Senate Vote

The Senate Judiciary Committee voted 11-7 to approve the nomination of Leon Rodriguez for Director of USCIS and send it to the floor for a vote from the full Senate.

California Jails Hand Over 44% Fewer Criminal Aliens to Feds

New data shows that the number of criminal aliens California jails have turned over to ICE agents has plummeted 44% since the beginning of the year.

FAIR Releases 2013 Voting Report

FAIR is releasing its 2013 Voting Report to give its members insight into how their lawmakers have tackled the complex issue of immigration.

FAIR Responds to Philadelphia Mayor's Proposed Anti-Cooperation Policy

Mayor Nutter announced his intent to issue an executive order last month to prohibit Philadelphia's law enforcement officers from cooperating with ICE and complying with ICE detainers in all but an extremely limited number of circumstances.

FAIR Cost Study Shows Florida In-State Tuition Bills Will Costs Taxpayers Millions

FAIR's new cost study on Florida's in-state tuition bills, estimates that, if enacted, the bills will cost Florida taxpayers in excess of $21.7 million and $22.7 million, respectively.

Action Alert: House GOP Leadership Endorses Amnesty!

Call now to oppose this sellout of the American people.

What is TRUE Immigration Reform?

Learn about the policies that serve the interests of the American people.

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