Cantor Endorses Military DREAM Act

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor is throwing support behind Rep. Jeff Denham's attempt to amend his ENLIST Act, a military-based DREAM Act, onto the National Defense Authorization Act.

Administration Admits it Turns Blind Eye to Illegal Aliens Seeking Obamacare

The Administration is admitting it plans to turn a blind eye to illegal aliens seeking coverage under the program...

FBI: Terrorist Bomber Committed Immigration Fraud

Last week, the FBI arrested a suspected terrorist for making false statements to an immigration judge.

California Legislation Creates Student Loan Program for Illegal Aliens

The California Senate Education Committee passed Senate Bill ("S.B.") 1210, which establishes a loan program for illegal aliens at the California State University and University of California university systems.

FAIR Responds to Philadelphia Mayor's Proposed Anti-Cooperation Policy

Mayor Nutter announced his intent to issue an executive order last month to prohibit Philadelphia's law enforcement officers from cooperating with ICE and complying with ICE detainers in all but an extremely limited number of circumstances.

FAIR Cost Study Shows Florida In-State Tuition Bills Will Costs Taxpayers Millions

FAIR's new cost study on Florida's in-state tuition bills, estimates that, if enacted, the bills will cost Florida taxpayers in excess of $21.7 million and $22.7 million, respectively.

Action Alert: House GOP Leadership Endorses Amnesty!

Call now to oppose this sellout of the American people.

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