Obama Vows to Implement Amnesty Through Executive Action

Standing before the White House press corps in the Rose Garden last week, President Obama vowed to use his executive powers to unilaterally implement an amnesty for illegal aliens.

President Obama Seeks Authority to Speed Deportations of Illegal Minors

President Obama sent a letter to Congressional leaders requesting their help to speed the deportation of illegal alien minors flooding across the southern border.

Boehner Tells Obama No Vote on Immigration This Year

The Speaker said in a statement, "I told the president what I have been telling him for months: the American people and their elected officials don't trust him to enforce the law as written."

New York City Council Grants Illegal Aliens ID Cards

On June 26, the New York City Council passed Introduction 253, which establishes the New York City identity card program and provides city-issued identification cards to illegal aliens.

Massachusetts Committee Defeats Illegal Alien Driver's License Bill

Legislation that would make illegal aliens eligible to receive driver's licenses and learner's permits in Massachusetts failed this session because of its lack of support among constituents and within the Massachusetts legislature.

New York Bill Granting ‘State Citizenship’ to Illegal Aliens Dies

Senate Bill "S.B." 7879, known as the "New York is Home Act," died on June 19 when New York Legislature closed its 2014 session without a floor vote on the measure.

Maine Agency to Remove Illegal Aliens from Welfare Program

The Maine Department of Health and Human Services announced that it will comply with federal law and cease providing General Assistance benefits to illegal aliens.

Demand Congress Change Immigration Policy

Additional funding might help ease the chaos, but it will not solve the crisis. That's why we must demand that Congress condition any additional funding on making meaningful immigration policy changes.

Congress Must Demand Policy Changes In Exchange for Releasing Border Funds to Obama

President Obama's emergency funding request is fatally flawed because it is not accompanied by critical policy changes that address the core of the immigration crisis our nation is now facing.

Obama Refuses to Take Responsibility for Illegal Immigration Crisis His Policies Created

President Obama attempted to shift the blame to House Republicans for refusing to pass legislation that would provide even greater inducements for more people to violate our immigration laws.

One Year After Approval by Senate, S.744’s Approach to Immigration Reform Has Failed

Over the course of the past 12 months, events clearly demonstrate why enactment of S.744 would have greatly exacerbated our nation’s immigration crisis.

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