Immigration Issues

Legal Immigration
How many, Legislative options, Naturalization, Chain migration, Dual nationality, Public charge exclusion, Entry paths (Family, Employer, Refugee, Asylum, Lottery).

Illegal Immigration
How many, Costs, Crime, Public Health, Social Security, Employment, "Sanctuary," Temporary Protected Status, Attrition, Border control, Mexican government, Cubans, Anchor babies, Diluting citizen's representation.

National Security
9/11 Attacks, Loopholes, Secure ID, Entry-Exit record, Policy recommendations, Visa waiver program, NAFTA Highway, North American union.

Legislative Issues
Border Security, Entry-Exit Tracking, Terrorism, NAFTA Highway.

Border Security
Border Security, Entry-Exit Tracking, Terrorism, NAFTA Highway.

Labor and Economics
Job displacement, Labor market, Economy, Welfare, Wages in agriculture, Costs, Employer sanctions, Free trade agreements.

Guest Workers
Temporary visa types, High-tech, agricultural workers, unskilled, company transfers.

Population and Environment
Population Growth, Sprawl, Traffic, Fresh Water resources, Quality of Life, Pollution.

Society and Culture
Assimilation, Poverty, Schools, Hate Crimes, Hit-and-run, Brain drain, Revanchism and Aztlan, Non-citizen voting, Opinion polls.