Illegal Border Crossings Today:

Will You Join the Fight to End Sanctuary Cities?


It's Time to Put an End Sanctuary Cities Once and for All!

Sanctuary cities—state and local jurisdictions with policies that obstruct immigration enforcement—pose a serious danger to our communities. Americans across the country have demanded that Congress act to punish sanctuary cities since Kate Steinle was tragically shot and killed July 2015 in San Francisco by an illegal alien with seven convictions and five previous deportations.

Outrageously, the Senate still has not passed legislation to punish these jurisdictions that defy federal law and cost innocent American citizens’ their lives. Make your voice heard and demand the Senate act. Tell them:

  • Sanctuary cities threaten the safety of Americans
  • Sanctuary cities violate federal law and prioritize dangerous criminal aliens over law-abiding citizens
  • You OPPOSE sanctuary cities which ignore federal immigration laws and jeopardize American lives
  • You expect them to VOTE FOR legislation that denies federal funds to sanctuary cities
  • You expect them to pass the bill IMMEDIATELY

Tell your Senators to end Sanctuary Cities Now!