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Stop Oregon Sanctuaries!

Help Repeal Oregon’s Sanctuary Law!

Print the Stop Oregon Sanctuary Cities Petition

Print the Petition Here!

Sign the petition to place the Stop Oregon Sanctuaries initiative on the 2018 ballot! It’s as easy as 1 — 2 - 3!

  1. Print out the petition on white paper.
  2. Sign, date and fold it. Only use tape on the outside of the signature sheet.

    (To make sure your voice is heard, pay special attention to and follow closely the instructions on the form.)
  3. Stick a stamp on it and mail it in.


Read the official full text of the Stop Oregon Sanctuaries initiative: Oregon IP22.


Since 1987, Oregon Revised Statute 181A.820 has kept Oregon’s state and local law-enforcement agencies from offering their fullest cooperation to the U.S. authorities charged with identifying and detaining illegal aliens. In doing so, the law has effectively rendered Oregon a “sanctuary” state for foreigners here illegally.

Activists affiliated with Oregonians for Immigration Reform have filed Initiative Petition 22 with the Oregon Secretary of State’s Elections Division. IP 22’s goal: to place a measure onto the November 2018 statewide ballot that will give Oregonians the chance to repeal ORS 181A.820. To reach the ballot, the signatures of 88,184 registered Oregon voters are needed by July 2018.

Illegal aliens can and do harm the American citizens to whom Oregon owes its foremost responsibility. For this reason, enforcement of U.S. immigration law is central to the duties of Oregon’s police departments and sheriff’s offices. Sign Initiative Petition 22 to help give Oregonians the chance to repeal ORS 181A.820 — and to free Oregon law enforcement to better protect Oregonians from criminal aliens.

*** If you would you like to collect signatures from your friends and family or at events you attend, CLICK HERE. ***