Press Releases

FAIR Applauds RAISE Act for Making Immigration Great Again

FAIR Responds to the Newly Reintroduced Dream Act

FAIR Blasts Republican Leadership for Cowardly Effort to Make Illegal Aliens Eligible for Federal Jobs

DHS Decision to Increase Guest Worker Visas a Betrayal of American Workers and the President's Campaign Pledges, Charges FAIR

Trump Keeps Promise – Withdraws DAPA Amnesty

FAIR Applauds DOL’s Preliminary Move to Protect American Workers

FAIR: Mexico Must Be Paying for the Border Wall, Because It's Not In President Trump's 2018 Budget

IRLI Counsel Kris Kobach to Serve as Vice Chair of the Presidential Commission on Election Integrity

FAIR: Back Room Budget Deal Leaves Nation's Security at Risk, American Workers Out in the Cold

First 100 Days: Trump Acts, Congress Missing in Action, Says FAIR

IRLI Files Brief in 2nd Federal Appeals Court Defending President Trump's National Security Executive Order

Buy American, Hire American’ Executive Order to Lead to American Worker Protections, Says FAIR

FAIR Files Formal Exhaustive Complaint with the IRS: SPLC Violated Its Tax Exempt Status Repeatedly

FAIR Calls Hawaii Judge’s Decision “A Case of Judicial Overreach that Endangers National Security”

New FAIR Study: States Using E-Verify Now Lead the Way in Economic Recovery

FAIR: Trump Demonstrates Keen Understanding of Immigration's Impact on Jobs, Crime, National Security

Jeff Sessions Unparalleled Choice for Attorney General, Says FAIR

FAIR Hails Much-Needed Reforms, Reductions to Outdated, Unfair Immigration System

Temporary Time-Out in Refugee Admissions Will Save American Lives, Says FAIR

President Trump Announces Historic Course Correction in U.S. Immigration Policy

FAIR Applauds Confirmation of John Kelly to Lead DHS

IRLI Sues Obama Administration for Records Concerning Immigration Fraud and Collusion

FAIR Congratulates President Obama for Ending the “Wet Foot-Dry Foot” Policy

FAIR: Kris Kobach would be an Invaluable Asset to Trump Administration’s Immigration Team

Nomination of Andrew Puzder for Labor Secretary Raises Concerns for American Workers

FAIR: General Kelly Strong Choice for DHS

FAIR Reacts to Mike McCaul as Potential DHS Nominee: Next DHS Secretary will Need to Implement Real Border and Immigration Security Immediately

FAIR Issues Blueprint for True Immigration Reform in the New Administration

FAIR to file Formal Complaint with the IRS over the SPLC's Pre-election Political Activity

FAIR Congratulates Senator Jeff Sessions for Nomination as Attorney General

Exit Polling Data Refutes Claims that Hispanic Voters Punish Candidates Who Support Immigration Enforcement

FAIR Congratulates Speaker Ryan, Urges Enforcement of Immigration Laws

FAIR Congratulates President-Elect Trump

FAIR Releases New Ad: Mass Immigration Is Too Dangerous for America

IRLI Sues Obama Administration for Records Concerning Illegal Alien Crime Rates

FAIR Advises the BIA on the Proper Interpretation of the Cancellation of Removal Statute

IRLI Files Comment Regarding DHS Arbitrary and Unlawful Proposed Rule

Lawsuit Charges Department Of Homeland Security Ignored Our Nation’s Preeminent Environmental Law

New Video: Mother Tells Story of Daughter's Murder at Hands of Illegal Alien

FAIR Applauds Supreme Court Refusal to Rehear Case on Illegal Obama Amnesty

New Report Says Key to Environmental Sustainability in U.S. Is Reduced Immigration

New Television Ad Urges Phasing Down of Mass Immigration, Phasing In Americans

New Report: Explosive Growth of Limited English Proficient Students Costing Tens of Billions, Diluting Education for All

IRLI Files BIA Brief to Confirm Absence of Duress Exception to the “Persecutor Bar” in U.S. Immigration Law

Administration Announces Plan to Increase Refugee Admissions in FY 2017 by Nearly 30 Percent Despite Significant Security Risks

Trump Lays Out Detailed New Vision for America’s Badly Broken Immigration Policy

“We Already Have a Deportation Force,” Says FAIR

National TV Ad Campaign Features Local Sheriffs Urging End to Open Borders

IRLI Sues the Obama Administration for Records Regarding Its Immigration Non-Enforcement Policies

IRLI sues the Obama Administration for records related to its unlawful open-borders programs