Press Releases

IRLI and FAIR file public comment opposing the Obama Administration’s proposed expansion of refugee programs

IRLI Helps Defeat Illegal Alien Lawsuit Seeking Driving Privileges

Trump Weighs Idea of Giuliani Heading Immigration Commission; FAIR: Participants Must Represent American Interests

IRLI to Argue in Federal Court on Behalf of American Workers Harmed by Unlawful Guestworker Program

IRLI Advises the BIA on Alien Admission to the United States

Two IRLI Counsel Testify before Indiana Senate Select Committee on Immigration

As President Obama Visits Cuba, Congress Should Repeal the Cuban Adjustment Act, Says FAIR

FAIR Urges Swift Passage of Virginia Anti-Sanctuary Measures

Federation for American Immigration Reform Launches TV Ads Across South Carolina

Statement by the Federation for American Immigration Reform Regarding Decision by the U.S. Supreme Court to Hear Texas v. U.S. Appeal

Labor Displacement: FAIR Launches TV, Radio, Internet Ads in Florida Highlighting How Companies Replace American Workers with Foreign Ones

A FAIR Response to Last Night's State of the Union Address

Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss: Ryan-Led Budget Deal Sells Out Public Interest on Immigration

FAIR's Statement on Donald Trump’s Muslim Immigration Comments

FAIR Urges Department of Homeland Security to Reject STEM Jobs Giveaway Rule

Fifth Circuit Court Ruling Blocking Obama’s Executive Amnesty for Illegal Aliens A Victory for the American People and Our Constitutional Form of Government, Says FAIR

Defeat of Ross Mirkarimi is the “Least Justice Possible” for Sheriff Who Defiantly Carried Out Dangerous Sanctuary Policies for Criminal Aliens, Says FAIR

FAIR Urges Speaker Paul Ryan to Promote Immigration Policies that Serve and Protect the Interests of the American Public

FAIR Statement in Support of Gosar’s Bill to Repeal the Cuban Adjustment Act

DHS Renews Effort to Abuse Optional Practical Training Program to Circumvent Caps on Guest Workers, Charges FAIR

FAIR Urges Senate to Pass the Stop Sanctuary Policies and Protect Americans Act (S. 2146)

The 50th Anniversary of the Immigration Act of 1965: A Half Century of Mass Immigration with No Defined Public Interest, Says FAIR

Release of Political Prisoners by Cuba Provides Further Evidence that Special Treatment of Cuban Migrants by the U.S. Should End, Says FAIR

Jeh Johnson Criticizes Sanctuary Cities, but DHS is the Biggest Sanctuary Provider of All, Charges FAIR

On the 14th Anniversary of 9/11, a More Dangerous World and Lax Immigration Policies Leave the U.S. Vulnerable to Another Attack, Warns FAIR

Bob Dane Named Executive Director of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)

Southern Poverty Law Center Protects Corrupt System While Defending Policies that Undermine Immigration Enforcement

DHS's Priority Enforcement Program More Like "Pretend Enforcement Program,"

"Normalizing" Diplomatic Relations with Cuba Should Mean "Normalizing" Immigration Policy Too, Says FAIR

The Davis-Oliver Act Would Restore Meaningful Interior Enforcement of U.S. Immigration Laws, Says FAIR

Adding Poland to Visa Waiver Program Invites More Immigration, Legal and Illegal, Warns FAIR

FAIR Analysis Shows DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson Fudged Facts at Rice University

Court Ruling that Obama Exceeded Authority Provides Clarity for Congress to Act Now, Says FAIR

The REAL ID Act Ten Years Later

The Immigration Plan Americans Want and Congress Needs to Read

Poll Shows that West Virginia Voters Want Sen. Manchin to Block Funding for Obama’s Executive Amnesty

Poll Shows that Virginia Voters Want Sen. Warner to Block Funding for Obama’s Executive Amnesty

Poll Shows that Nevada Voters Want Sen. Heller to Block Funding for Obama’s Executive Amnesty

Poll Shows that North Dakota Voters Want Sen. Heitkamp to Block Funding for Obama’s Executive Amnesty

Poll of Swing State Voters Shows Public Wants Congress to Block Funding for Obama’s Executive Amnesty

Poll Shows that Montana Voters Want Sen. Tester to Block Funding for Obama’s Executive Amnesty

Poll Shows that Missouri Voters Want Sen. McCaskill to Block Funding for Obama’s Executive Amnesty

Poll Shows that Maine Voters Want Sen. King to Block Funding for Obama’s Executive Amnesty

Poll Shows that Indiana Voters Want Sen. Donnelly to Block Funding for Obama’s Executive Amnesty

Statement by FAIR on Judge Andrew Hanen's Preliminary Injunction on Obama Amnesty Programs

LEP Costs Skyrocketing in DC Region Public Schools

McConnell Should Not Capitulate on Defunding Obama Amnesty

President Threatens to Hold Homeland Security Hostage to Illegal Alien Amnesty

House Border Security Bill, H.R. 399, Would Do Little to Stop Mass Illegal Immigration, Warns FAIR

FAIR Congratulates the House for Defunding the President's Unconstitutional Amnesty Programs