Press Releases

Obama's Immigration Record 2009 to 2014: FAIR Report Chronicles Wholesale Dismantling of Enforcement

House Emergency Supplemental Bill to Deal with Border Crisis is a Step in the Right Direction, but Much More Needs to be Done, Says FAIR

Obama Administration's Plan to Make Hondurans Eligible for Refugee Status Opens Door to New Immigration Crisis, Warns FAIR

Congress Must Demand Policy Changes In Exchange for Releasing Border Funds to Obama

Obama Refuses to Take Responsibility for Illegal Immigration Crisis His Policies Created

One Year After Approval by Senate, S.744’s Approach to Immigration Reform Has Failed

Illegal Immigration Costs California Taxpayers More Than $25 Billion a Year, Finds FAIR

Obama Responds To Border Crisis by Ordering Even More Incentives for Illegal Entry

FAIR Responds to Sen. Schumer's Assertion that "The President Will Have No Choice But To Act On His Own" Unless the House Approves Amnesty for Illegal Aliens

DHS Stages Meeting with So-Called Immigration Stakeholders

President Obama Orders More Whittling Away of What Little is Left of Immigration Enforcement, Charges FAIR

Illegal Immigration Costs North Carolina Taxpayers More Than $2 Billion a Year, Finds FAIR

New Report from FAIR Examines Impact of Mass Immigration on Younger Workers

House GOP Immigration Principles Omit the Most Important Principle: Protecting the Interests of the American People

SOTU: President Offers Conflicting Policy Goals on Immigration and Income Inequality, Charges FAIR

New Report from FAIR Finds that Illegal Immigration Costs Texas Taxpayers $12 Billion a Year

Principled Immigration Reform Puts Americans First

Statement by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) Regarding FY 2013 Deportation Data

DHS Policy Memo Barring Deportation of Military Family Members is Illegal, Charges FAIR

FAIR Applauds Speaker Boehner for Refusing to Conference on Senate Amnesty Bill

New Study Shows Alarming Surge of Illegal Alien Sanctuary Policies Across U.S.

New Analysis by FAIR Shows that Support for Illegal Alien Amnesty and Increased Immigration Would Harm, Not Help, Republicans Politically

Obama Focuses on Promises to Illegal Aliens Amid Failure to Improve Lives of Americans

DHS Nominee’s Lack of Experience in Immigration Policy Should Halt Amnesty Push, Says FAIR

California’s Assault on Immigration Enforcement Continues Despite Overwhelming Opposition by State Voters

For House Democratic Leadership, Amnesty for Illegal Aliens Takes Precedence Over Restoring Government Operations

FAIR Calls on Gov. Brown to Restore Sanity in California and Veto Dangerous Immigration Bills

California Legislation Granting Driver's Licenses to Illegal Aliens Threatens Homeland Security, Says FAIR

New Report from FAIR: Senate Immigration Bill Falls Far Short on Enforcement

9/11 Anniversary Inspires California Legislature to Approve Bill Shielding Criminal Aliens from Deportation!

Omaha “Vigil for Justice” to Support Victims of Criminal Illegal Aliens Set for September 13

Time for Answers from Paul Ryan: FAIR Launches Next Phase of its Seven-Figure TV and Radio Ad Campaign against Massive Immigration Increases and Amnesty

Mass Immigration Adds to the Plight of American Workers, Finds New Report by FAIR

Senate Determined to Reward Illegal Aliens and Cheap Labor Interests

FAIR: Senate Employs Subterfuge and Political Pay-Offs to Get Gang of Eight Immigration Bill over Important Hurdle

Statement of FAIR on Corker-Hoeven Amendment to Gang of Eight Immigration Bill

Senate Dismisses Any Pretense of Enforcement in the Gang of Eight Immigration Bill

The Mother of All Legislative Train Wrecks: FAIR Lists the Top 40 Reasons to Oppose the Gang of Eight Immigration Bill

Judiciary Committee Approves Immigration Bill that Rewards Illegal Aliens,
Undermines American Workers and Imperils Homeland Security,

Gang of Eight Bill Would Unleash Unprecedented Wave of Immigration
Finds Analysis by FAIR

New Report from FAIR Finds Immigration a Factor in Growing Gap Between Rich and Poor in America

Senate Judiciary Committee Stacks Immigration Hearings with Supporters of Amnesty and Cheap Labor

Senate Immigration Bill Delivers Amnesty and Cheap Labor,
but Not Immigration Reform

AFL-CIO Cuts Deal on Immigration, Sells Out American Workers

FAIR Applauds Senators Rubio and Sessions for Demanding Hearings on Immigration Bill

Secretary Napolitano Scraps Border Security as Pre-Condition for Amnesty

Obama Administration Affirms "Border Security" is not a Condition for Illegal Alien Amnesty

New Poll of Likely Voters Shows Strong Preference for Immigration Enforcement Over Legalization of Illegal Aliens

President’s Plan to Create New American Jobs Immediately Undermined by his Plan to Grant Amnesty

New Mexico Taxpayers Foot $717 Million Annual Bill for Illegal Immigration, Finds New Study by FAIR