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Domestic Issues

Examples of Serious Crimes by Illegal Aliens
News accounts of crimes that may have been prevented if the alien had been deported or stopped from entering the country illegally.

Recalling "The Americanization Ideal": The Legacy of Barbara Jordan (2014)
Jordan was a prominent public figure, civil rights advocate, and leading presence in Democratic Party politics for four decades. One of her last works of public service was to head the U.S. Commission on Immigration Reform. The conclusions and recommendations of this commission are quite enlightening and more relevant than ever. Today, when "comprehensive immigration reform" is being pushed by a coalition of narrow special interests and supported by the leadership of both political parties, Jordan and her work on immigration is largely ignored. It is important to revisit what she had to say on the issue to put current immigration politics in proper perspective

Metropolitan Population, Immigration and Unemployment (2013)
The United States has become a metropolitan nation in the sense that most of the nation’s population today is living in a metropolitan statistical area (MSA). An examination of the demographic and unemployment data among MSAs reveals that there is a significant difference in the incidence of unemployment and concentration of immigrants among MSAs with higher unemployment in the MSAs with larger foreign-born populations. This does not mean that the higher foreign-born population in these areas caused the higher rate of unemployment, although it likely has contributed to it -- but it does suggest that current proposals to increase the admission of immigrants and to create more job competition by legalizing the illegal alien population may aggravate unemployment rather than ameliorate it.

Hate Crimes (2012)
Hate Crimes and Illegal Immigration

Foreign Students (2012)
Student visas are unlimited and are often used as a stepping stone to permanent residence, which does have limits. Unrealistic expectations are thereby created

Birthright Citizenship (2010)
The term "birthright citizenship" refers to the current practice of considering children born in the United States to automatically acquire U.S. citizenship. This issue is also commonly termed the "anchor baby" issue.

Poverty (2010)
Immigration is importing poverty and undermining efforts to assist our own poor and disadvantaged.

The Ethics of Immigration (2009)
A debate among three professors on the ethics of immigration is summarized here. The opposing views focus on the ethics of immigration restriction from an internationalist perspective and from a national perspective.

Roman Catholic Perspective (2008)
The Catholic hierarchy's lobbying goals for immigration are radical, expansive, and generous to a fault.

Current Immigration in Historical Perspective (2008)
Never before has immigration from one country been so massive.

Questions and Answers (2008)
Q&A on immigration policy and its effects.

When Breaking the Law by Hiring Illegal Aliens Doesn't Pay (2008)
The biggest incentive for illegal aliens to come to the United States is to find work. If there are no employers willing to hire the illegal aliens, then the flood of illegal aliens will subside. The Immigration and Reform Act of 1986 outlawed hiring illegal alien workers, although common practice has proven that measure ineffective.

Human Trafficking - Exploitation of Illegal Aliens
The large and persistent influx of illegal aliens contributes to an environment of vulnerability and abuse.

Immigration and Rising Income Inequality (2007)
Income inequality is rising rapidly in the United States along with the rapid rise in immigration, especially illegal immigration. Any realistic focus on reversing the trend in rising income inequality will be addressing symptoms — rather than a root cause — if it ignores the role of immigration and temporary foreign workers flooding into the country. Copies by mail are $12.50.

Illegal Immigrants Distort Congressional Representation and Federal Programs (2007)
Most Americans know that their representation in the U.S. House of Representatives is based on proportional representation as determined by the decennial Census. And, many Americans are aware that the Census takers try to count everybody residing in the country. But, most Americans do not make the connection that illegal immigrants and other foreigners who are not legal permanent residents are part of the calculation for the apportionment of Congressional representatives.

The Wages of Agricultural Workers (2007)
Experts disprove the claim that higher wages due to increased immigration enforcement would lead to a major increase in the cost of food.

Why Immigration Can't Solve the Social Security Deficit (2007)
More foreign workers means more future retirees creating an endless, and increasingly costly, treadmill.

Unlicensed to Kill (2006)
Illegal aliens are a hit-and-run threat

Illegal Aliens in Elections and the Electoral College (2004)
The federal government has turned a blind eye to the possibility that fraudulent voting by noncitizens could determine an election outcome

Comprehensive Reform (2003)
America needs an immigration policy in accord with national security, the economy, the environment, and absorptive capacity.

School Overcrowding (2002)
Classroom overcrowding is attributable to mass immigration.

Assimilation (2002)
Mass immigration has led to the growth of enormous ethnic enclaves where assimilation is less likely than in years past.

Dual Nationality (2002)
U.S practice and problem areas.

Foreign Connection Issues

NAFTA Highway (2008)
A cross-country corridor would endanger our security, give away American jobs and erode U.S. sovereignty.

Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP) (2008)
North American integration is being promoted in closed tri-lateral governmental working groups.

Chicano Nationalism, Revanchism and the Aztlan Myth (2005)
Mexicans are taught part of the U.S. Southwest was unfairly taken from Mexico, and some claim they are taking it back.

Brain Drain (2002)
U.S. jobs attract immigrants most equipped to help improve living conditions at home.