The Really Big Numbers on Legal Immigration

Sen. Sessions Publishes Chart Book Depicting the Astonishing Pace of
Immigration to the U.S.

Washington is a place that operates on big numbers. Really big numbers. We know our national debt is about $17 trillion, but it is hard for anyone to conceptualize just how big 17 trillion is.

Our immigration system also operates on really big numbers—and many in Washington would like to see them grow even bigger, hoping that the American people will not understand just how large our immigration intake truly is.

Thanks to Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.), chairman of the Subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest, the American people can now see those really large numbers depicted in a series of charts and graphs that drive home the enormity and the impact of an immigration system that is utterly divorced from any identifiable national interest.

Sen. Sessions’ CHART BOOK: Record-breaking visa issuances propelling U.S. to immigration highs never before seen, is must-reading for anyone who is concerned about runaway immigration. The carefully researched 29-page book takes the large abstract numbers that policymakers in Washington like to throw around and puts them in a form that everyone can understand.

Sen. Sessions Immigration Chart Book by Federation for American Immigration Reform