Nonimmigrants Who May Work in the United States

Visa Type Description Number of Admissions 2011
E to T   5,724,934
E Treaty Trader  454,101
E-1  Treaty Trader and Family  110,169
E-2 Treaty Investor and Family  329,230
E-3 Australian Free Trade Agreement  14,702
F Foreign Student  1,769,179
F-1 Academic Student  1,702,730
F-2 Spouse and Child  66,449
H Temporary Worker  922,207
H-1B  Specialty Occupations  494,565
H-1B1  Chile/Singapore Free Trade Agreement  30
H-1C  Nurse in Underserved Areas 124
H-2A  Agricultural Workers 188,411
H-2B  Seasonal Non-agricultural Workers 79,794
H-2R  Returning H-2B Workers 68
H-3  Individual Trainee  3,279
I Foreign Media  51,459
J Exchange Visitor  526,931
J-1 Exchange Visitor  469,993
J-2 Family of J-1 56,938
L Intracompany Transferee  788,187
L-1 Intra-company transferee 562,776
L-2 Spouse and child of L-1 225,411
M Vocational Students  19,783
M-1 Vocational students  18,824
M-2 Family of M-1  959
N NATO Official and Family  23,266
O Extraordinary Talent  74,709
O-1 Worker of extraordinary ability/achievement  51,775
O-2 Temporary Worker Assisting O-1  15,949
P Performer 110,149
P-1 World class athletes or performers  84,545
P-2 Artists or entertainers in exchange programs  13,359
P-3 Artists or entertainers in culturally unique programs  9,301
P-4 Spouses and children of P1, P2, or P3 workers  2,944
Q International cultural exchange program  2,331
R Religious Worker  25,365
R-1 Temporary religious worker and Family  19,683
R-2 Spouse and Child of R1  5,682
T NAFTA Worker  957,267
TN  NAFTA professional worker  899,455
TD  Spouses and Child of TN 57,812
U Cooperating Victim of Crime Not listed – ceiling of 10,000 per year
V Cooperating Victim of Trafficking  Not listed – ceiling of 5,000 per year