African-Americans Polls

A Pew Research Center telephone poll, in association with NPR, taken from September 5-October 06, 2007 of 3,086 adults found that:

  • 48% of African Americans believe they would have more jobs if there were fewer immigrants.
  • 64% believe immigrants outwork blacks at low wage jobs.

A Gallup Poll taken in June 2003 found that:

  • 44% of African-Americans think that immigration should be decreased.

A Zogby International Poll taken in Sept. 2001 found that:

  • 49% think amnesty for illegal immigrants is a “bad or very bad” idea.

Areport by Tarrance called "Black and Hispanic Attitudes Towards Immigration Policy published in August 1983 found that:

  • 61% think illegal immigration depresses wages and is a major problem.