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Welcome Mark Levin Listeners

Welcome Levin Listeners!

Thanks for paying us a visit. We hope you take an opportunity to get informed, get involved and make a difference at a critical time for the immigration debate and for our country.  

In his best-selling book Liberty and Tyranny, Mark explains that, “the purpose of immigration policies must be to preserve and improve the American society.” We couldn’t agree more. The idea that immigration must serve our broad national interests, not those of political parties and corporatists demanding cheap foreign labor has been FAIR’s core mission for 30 years.

If you have five minutes, here’s how you can support TRUE immigration reform:


1. Learn what TRUE immigration reform looks like.

Read up on the policies and laws that the U.S. needs to serve the interests of the American people

2. Keep up with the latest immigration news at FAIR’s blog.

Bookmark or add it to your reader for daily news and analysis on immigration-related issues. 

3. Find a local group in your state. 

Immigration is a local issue, and in 2013 there were more than 500 bills introduced in state legislatures around the country. With groups in more than 35 states, there are plenty of ways to get involved.

4. Take action on a recent alert. 

FAIR regularly sends action alerts out on important federal legislative issues as well as state-level bills. Visit our Recent Action Alert page for information on contacting your elected officials in Congress as well as state and local officials. 

5. Download the FAIR mobile app & follow us online.

If you have a smartphone or tablet, download FAIR’s mobile app to keep up with amnesty news while on-the-go. 


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FAIR’s Field Representatives are also available to help you gather the information and tools you need to support immigration reform at the national and local level. We can arm you with facts, help you construct solid arguments, teach you to lobby your legislators, show you what immigration reformers are accomplishing, and even help you start your own local group.