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U.S. Senators Trying to Push Military Amnesty


This week TRUE immigration reformers were successful in halting Rep. Jeff Denham’s efforts to attach H.R. 2377, a bill that would allow illegal aliens to join the military and grant them a green card upon enlistment, to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) in the House. However, Senator Dick Durbin and the pro-amnesty lobby are now advocating attaching similar language in the U.S. Senate as the upper chamber takes up its own version of the NDAA.

The Senate Armed Services Committee will consider the NDAA this week, and could still insert amnesty directly into the must-pass defense bill, making it harder to remove as the legislative process proceeds.


Time is short! Act Now!

Please contact the members of the Senate Armed Services Committee and tell them: “No military amnesty in the defense bill.”

Scroll down or click here for helpful talking points and resources to use when contacting the U.S. Senators listed below to send a tweet or write a Facebook message. Open in a new browser.

Tell the Senate Armed Services Committee:

  • A military “DREAM Act” is still amnesty. Military amnesty will make our nation’s illegal immigration problem worse. It would signal that all one has to do is make it into the country to eventually be rewarded with legal status.
  • Military amnesty jeopardizes our national security and public safety by allowing those without valid identification and documentation to enlist in our Armed Forces.
  • Military amnesty is unnecessary. There is no shortage of U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents willing to serve. Each branch of the Armed Forces has reached or exceeded 100% of their enlistment targets for fiscal years 2013 and 2014. Moreover, the Pentagon plans to shrink the Armed Forces over the next three years to pre-WWII levels. Any type of amnesty offered by joining the Armed Forces would therefore deny Americans the opportunity to serve.