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What is at Stake in 2021?

While there has been immense change over the last year, the assault on our immigration system has remained constant. Anti-border, lawless radicals have made their intentions crystal clear – they want an America where there is no wall, there is sanctuary for criminal aliens and Americans are easily replaced by cheap foreign workers.

Our goal is simple – we will not let them win.

Join with FAIR and Let’s Move America Forward.

A small donation from you today will help us defend American cities from sanctuary policies and build safer communities that provide good-paying jobs and a safe environment in which to raise our families. Join us now to help keep America safe and secure.

While 2020 is coming to an end, our fight to secure our borders, defend our workers and
protect our Nation carries forward...

FAIR’s 2021 Action Plan:  Fight Back.

FAIR is not resting. We already have a six-point plan to prevent politicians and policymakers who back mass immigration radicals from achieving any lasting legislative successes. We will:

  1. Vigorously defend all important progress made in the last four years to reform our immigration system, including: cutting refugee admissions, closing asylum loopholes, restricting abusive guestworker programs and building hundreds of miles of border wall.
  2. Scrutinize and expose the agendas of those opposed to common-sense immigration reform and hold to account all elected officials who pledge to work to secure our borders and protect the rights of American workers. We will ask the hard questions and not rest until the answers are provided.
  3. Shore up our state and local initiatives by maximizing our efforts in key states to re-establish a holding line on the local level and employ strategic litigation to combat efforts to roll any and all enforcement of our immigration laws.
  4. Promote the voices and faces of real Americans who have faced and continue to face hardships brought on by unfair overseas labor competition, exploitation by unscrupulous businesses and being passed over in favor of foreign students or foreign visa holders. And we will push even harder for national, mandatory E-Verify!
  5. Resist pressure to abolish ICE, defund enforcement and – more recently – dismantle DHS.  We will highlight policy failures and errors within the government and publicize how those failures are the direct result of the anti-border radicals and an unresponsive Congress.
  6. Continue to take the fight to the opposition through timely online and digital ad campaigns that allow us to utilize minimum resources to gain maximum impact. We will raise awareness of immigration’s impact on the lives of everyday Americans and tell the stories the mainstream media refuses to tell.  We will combat false narratives and give a platform to those who’ve remained in the shadows for too long.

If they can resist, we will too. Make a difference for America and join us today.

Other Ways You Can Help...

  • Join with FAIR activists all over the United States. If you want to get involved, fill out the form here >>> FAIR's Activists Network
  • Share FAIR’s mission with your friends and family. Help us raise up the voices that have been silenced by online censorship.

We have a tough road ahead, but together we can prevail. Thank you for your support – it wouldn’t be possible without you.