Illegal Border Crossings Today:

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With record unemployment, shouldn’t we pause foreign worker visa programs?

  • A labor Economics Report found illegal workers depress the wages of all workers, but hit minority workers and those without high school degrees hardest
  • Of all legal immigrant admissions in 2018, 12.6 percent came on work-related visas
  • A 2019 report in the Journal of Economic Surveys concluded that “immigration can create winners and losers among the native-born workers” 
  • Work visas cover all kinds of jobs from IT and farm labor to au pairs and paid interns


How do you strengthen punishments for companies that hire illegal aliens?

  • Only since the passage of the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986) has it been against the law to hire an illegal alien
  • Worksite enforcement also reduces affiliated crimes, including human smuggling, identity theft, and worker exploitation
  • Annual prosecutions of employers almost never climbs above 15
  • Just 11 managers and no companies were prosecuted for hiring illegal aliens from April 2018 to March 2019, a Syracuse University analysis found


Is it fair to give health insurance to illegal immigrants?

  • The Census Bureau reported in September 2019 that 27.5 million people were uninsured 
  • In 2018, Forbes reported U.S. taxpayers “cross-subsidize health care for illegal immigrants to the tune of $18.5 billion a year.” In 2019, the Center for Immigration Studies study put it closer to $23 billion per year
  • Since 2016, California has allowed illegal aliens under 18 to receive taxpayer-backed health care. In 2019, an additional $98 million was allocated to health benefits to those between the ages of 19 and 25
  • Even as their own residents lack health insurance, Oregon and New York have extended benefits to illegal aliens, particularly children and/or pregnant women


There is a huge asylum backlog, how do we reform the laws?

  • Asylum is given to those who can prove they have a “credible fear” of  persecution due to race, religion, nationality, or political views but not on the basis of poverty
  • A new joint asylum policy would creat more efficient procedures that would prevent frivolous asylum claims from taking time from legitimate claims
  • Syracuse University’s TRAC says there are a million-plus pending immigration court cases, an increase of 31 percent over one year
  • In 2019, immigration judges denied 69 percent of all asylum cases due to lack of merit


With a growing deficit, how can we afford to pay to educate illegal immigrants?

  • Illegal immigrants are ineligible for federal financial aid, including student loans and the Pell Grants
  • A 2010 FAIR study calculated that Limited English Proficiency (LEP) costs nationwide totaled $51.2 billion
  • As of 2019, at least 19 states have provisions allowing for in-state tuition rates for illegal alien students
  • The Pew Research Center report showed that only 20 percent of low-income Americans attended college in 2016 with most only able to afford the least-selective colleges that provide fewer resources to help students succeed