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Join Us at The 15th Annual Hold Their Feet to the Fire Radio Row 2022

September 21st & 22nd in Washington, D.C.

You Hold the Most Important Seat in Washington

Last year, 75 radio talk hosts broadcast their shows from our new location on the rooftop terrace of FOX News overlooking the Capitol.

Admiring the view, I thought isn’t this fitting? Our Framers wanted us to oversee Congress.

That’s what Hold Their Feet to the Fire (F2F) is all about; holding public officials accountable by voters who have been informed about immigration issues and activated by the vast reach and influence of talk radio.

F2F has spanned four presidents and become America’s largest annual gathering of talk hosts. This September marks its 15th anniversary coinciding with the most consequential midterm election of our lives. Those outcomes will determine whether Biden’s Border Crisis continues, and will also set the stage for 2024.

Like you, FAIR stands for the rule of law, national security, and immigration policies that serve our national interests, not special interests. At F2F, dozens of likeminded high-profile lawmakers, sheriffs, experts, and media figures are available for interviews.

Sure, you can book these folks in your home studio, but collectively situated in Washington, we all make a splash by showcasing the potency of talk radio – perhaps the last vestige of a free press. Moreover, it’s an opportunity for Washington elites to hear from the millions of listeners you represent. That’s why we cover your travel expenses and hotel.

Please accept my invitation to join us September 21 and 22. We’re limited to 75 hosts in the broadcast center and each year the event fills up sooner. Call now to reserve a complimentary booth and hotel room.

-Bob Dane
Executive Director

Where and When

Broadcast Center:
The Capitol View Rooftop Terrace
400-440 North Capitol Street
Washington, D.C. 20001

Guest Hotel
The Phoenix Park
520 North Capitol
Washington, D.C. 20001

Call us now.  We’ll get details, reserve your broadcast booth (furnished with on-site equipment and seasoned engineering support). Then you’ll call our travel agency and they’ll take care of all your travel and hotel arrangements. No cost.


Before the event, FAIR will send you the Interview Guest List. You’ll pick who you want and book them in advance for a specific interview time at the event.


Bob Dane/Executive Director FAIR Office: 202 742 1824 / bdane@fairus.org
Event books up months in advance. Call early.

About FAIR
The Federation for American Immigration Reform is a non-partisan, public interest organization of concerned Americans, united in the belief that our immigration policies and laws should again serve the nation’s future needs. This means better border management, lower levels of overall immigration, and a greater focus on highly skilled immigrants.