Illegal Border Crossings Today:

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Do you believe Americans have a right to secure borders and strict enforcement of our nation’s immigration laws? Are you opposed to unfettered mass immigration, providing sanctuary to criminal illegal immigrants, or companies profiting from cheap foreign labor?

If you agree that a strong immigration system is the foundation of a prosperous nation and you want to have a real and lasting impact, then consider becoming a member of FAIR’s Cornerstone Club today!

“Time and time again, it is our Cornerstone Contributors who make the key difference

in the fight to 
uphold our nation’s immigration laws.” – Dan Stein, FAIR President

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What is the Cornerstone Club? It is a special group of FAIR supporters who have committed to strengthening the financial health of the organization and to ensuring the American people have a voice at the table when critical immigration issues are debated. The unmatched generosity and dedication of our Cornerstone Club members have helped FAIR to remain fully engaged at the state, local and federal level in an ongoing effort to regain control of our nation’s immigration policy.

If you wish to become a Cornerstone Club Contributor, please specify the amount you prefer to donate each month, and then check the box next to “make this a monthly recurring donation” before proceeding to input your payment information. Once completed, you will be added to FAIR’s special Cornerstone Club Contributors list and will begin to receive the latest information about what FAIR is doing to protect our borders, American jobs, and the future of this great nation!