Illegal Border Crossings Today:

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It’s Time for Americans to Come Out of the Shadows

Come Out of the Shadows

Illegal immigration is not a victimless crime.
Not only does it cause substantial harm to American workers and those in the most vulnerable segments of our population—children, minorities and the poor—but in countless cases, it poses a serious threat to public safety.

Some people advocate for bringing illegal aliens out of the shadows by giving them legal status.

Rewarding illegal aliens with driver’s licenses, jobs, housing, or legal status sends the message that we condone illegal immigration, and will only encourage even more people to break our laws.

And hardworking American taxpayers will continue to pay the cost.

  Join your fellow Americans. Come out of the shadows.



FAIR President Dan Stein explains why it’s time for Americans to come out of the shadows.


Immigration affects every aspect of life in America. Get the facts in our publications library.

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