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“Tele-Town Hall” Meetings

Many Members of Congress host town hall meetings by telephone or online, which are known as “tele-town halls.” These meetings can be held by conference call or internet and are sometimes broadcast live or recorded.

Participating in a Tele-town Hall

If a tele-town hall meeting is announced to the public, your U.S. Representative or Senator will likely include information on his or her website, email alerts or social media accounts like Facebook. They usually require you to RSVP ahead of time by either completing an online form or calling the Member’s office.

Frequently, tele-town halls are not announced publicly, like regular town hall meetings. Instead, a randomized list of constituents is generated in advance, and only those people included in the randomized list receive a call asking them to join the tele-town hall meeting, which usually begins immediately.

Ask a Question

Most tele-town hall meetings give listeners the option to ask a question. Take advantage of this opportunity!

Limit yourself to one question. Asking two questions ensures less thorough responses from the Member of Congress.

Always Leave A Message

Most tele-town halls give listeners the opportunity to leave a message at the end of the tele-town hall. Take advantage of this as well.

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