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FAIR is fighting to restore common sense border controls and an immigration policy that works for America and the future of all Americans. Over the past year, America’s immigration and border controls have fallen apart due to ineffective leadership from Washington. We face a true national emergency! There is no time to lose. The American way of life and the future of our natural environment and resource base depends on restoring the proper balance between our needs and the unlimited demands of millions on the move.

But we can’t fight this battle alone. WE NEED YOU TO TAKE ACTION NOW! Can we count on you for a donation or even a monthly contribution? Whether it’s $25, $50, $100 or more, the action you take now will help us continue the fight for an America we can be proud of and the rest of the world will respect.




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Latest Immigration News

migrants on Ferromex freight train in Mexico headed to U.S. border
Border Security
Illegal Immigration
Societal Impact of Immigration

Mexican Railway Operator Temporarily Suspends Border Trains over Migrant Concerns

September 25, 2023
Last week, the Mexican train operator Ferromex suspended a number of freight routes bringing cargo into the U.S. due to “half a dozen” injuries and deaths which occurred when illegal migrants began climbing on the trains to reach the U.S. border. Migrants have been widely seen clinging to railroad car roofs or sides, or even sneaking into containers.
Eagle Pass, Texas crowd of migrants under bridge
Border Security
Illegal Immigration
Population Growth and the Environment
Societal Impact of Immigration

Texas Governor Abbott Amplifies Invasion Declaration

September 25, 2023
In the wake of historic numbers of illegal aliens crossing the southern border, Governor Greg Abbott reissued his declaration of invasion on September 20 and deployed more Texas National Guard, Texas Department of Public Safety, and local law enforcement personnel to Texas' southern border with Mexico to enforce the order.
migrants in Eagle Pass, Texas September 2023
Border Security
Illegal Immigration
Societal Impact of Immigration

CBP Posts Record Number of Border Encounters in August

September 23, 2023
On Friday, the Department of Homeland Security released new data showing the number of illegal aliens encountered at our borders hit a record high in August. The numbers underscore that the border crisis continues despite the President boasting of new policies, which were no more than a plan to funnel and process illegal aliens through ports of entry.

FAIR: August Border Encounters Highest on Record; Administration Insists it Has Taken Historic Action to Secure the Border

September 22, 2023
The following statement was issued by Dan Stein, president of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), in response to the release of DHS data indicating that August border encounters reached an all-time high:

Recent Blogs

Twitter, Facebook, Google, H1B visa
Immigration and National Security
Legal Immigration

State Department and a Judge Spare Joe Biden From His Visa Vetting Snafu

- September 22, 2023
One of President Joe Biden’s first executive orders revoked a Trump era social-media disclosure requirement for visa applicants. Thankfully, this Biden order didn’t stick.
Maine Illegals
Illegal Immigration
Sanctuary Policies
Societal Impact of Immigration

This Sanctuary City Claims to Know Who is Responsible for its Migrant Crisis: The Lord Almighty

FAIR Staff
- September 20, 2023
In-fighting and finger-pointing by public officials scrambling to manage migrant crises - caused in large part by their own illegal alien sanctuary policies - have dominated headlines over the past several weeks; governors blaming mayors, mayors blaming governors, both blaming Biden, while all run for political cover. Now, the blame game has just reached a preposterous new level that only the most desperate leftists could concoct. And if the tactic catches on, it’s one that might just absolve everyone from responsibility for everything.
Illegal & Legal Immigration and The Economy
Illegal Immigration
Societal Impact of Immigration

E-Verify Proposal Offers a Sweetener; Will Democrats Take It?

- September 19, 2023
A group of Republican senators wants to mandate that all U.S. businesses use the federal E-Verify employment-screening program. To entice Democratic support, their bill would also raise the federal minimum wage to $11 over the next five years.

What You Can Do

FAIR makes it easy to stay close to the action. Whether you’re interested in the national view or the impact immigration reform has on your local or regional community, FAIR can help you get involved through:

  • Information and updates on major legislation
  • Meeting with congressional staff
  • Big picture updates on how immigration reform is evolving

Plus, we’ll show you ways you can stay involved in your community through:

  • Legislation updates that directly impact your local scene
  • Contact with your local FAIR Activist Representative
  • Ways you can stay on the front lines right from home

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What You Need to Know About Immigration

Growing Amnesty


Amnesty is usually understood as the granting of legal status to a foreign national who illegally entered the United States or illegally overstayed their work or travel visa.

Illegal Immigration

Illegal Immigration

Each year, hundreds of thousands of aliens deliberately violate our nation’s laws by unlawfully crossing U.S. borders.

National Security

Immigration and National Security

Maintaining an acceptable level of National Security is dependent on ensuring that strong immigration policies are in force.

Legal Immigration

Legal Immigration

At FAIR, we believe that a well thought-out and well-enforced immigration policy plays an important role in helping maintain the quality of life in America.

Take Action Today!

It’s easy to become emotional about topics like immigration reform. For those of us who have grown up with and embraced the concept of sovereignty, it’s difficult to imagine a country, a nation without secure borders. And without the policies and legal processes that keep our sovereignty as originally imagined, we risk losing it all to those who embrace an agenda of mass uncontrolled immigration, sanctuary cities, and cheap labor.

And yet, that is the very real threat we are facing today from anti-border radicals. And that’s why real action is needed — action that is part of that definition, part of that protection that we all value most.

Indeed, until all of us who care deeply about this issue take action, immigration reform is simply an intellectual exercise. And clearly, thought and words and sentiments are simply not enough to see us through.

Make no mistake, FAIR is fighting back by launching new projects and initiatives that:

  • Put America first,
  • Stop the flow of federal money to sanctuary cities, and
  • End the terrible policy of chain migration.

But this is a battle that we can’t fight alone. And one way you can help support right now, is a donation or even a monthly contribution of $25, $50, $100 or more to the preservation of the America we know and love.

Get involved. Stay Involved. Take action now.