Immigration Issues

Sanctuary Policies Across the U.S. (2013)

The full report is available in pdf format.


Executive Summary

Sanctuary Policies Across the U.S. details resolutions, ordinances, executive actions and other initiatives that now exist in 103 cities, towns and counties across 33 states and the District of Columbia. This study is the first and only comprehensive compilation of sanctuary policies and shows how non-enforcement — and outright defiance of immigration law which is expressly prohibited by federal law — is a dangerous trend sweeping the country.

"Sanctuary policies" bar state or local officials, including law enforcement officials, from asking persons about their immigration status, reporting them to federal immigration authorities, or otherwise cooperating with or assisting federal immigration authorities. The overwhelming majority of sanctuary policies cited in this study either prohibit state or local officials from inquiring, acting on, or reporting an individual’s immigration status, even when there is reasonable suspicion that federal immigration laws are being violated. Still other policies represent more aggressive efforts to shield illegal aliens, such as anti-detainer policies that restrict local and state police from cooperating with federal authorities seeking to remove aliens who have been arrested and charged with other crimes.

October 2013