FAIR Calls Hawaii Judge’s Decision “A Case of Judicial Overreach that Endangers National Security”


(Washington, D.C.) The following statement was issued by Dan Stein, president of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) in response to today’s temporary restraining order issued by Judge Derrick K. Watson in Hawaii:

“Today, once again, an unelected judge has stepped in and usurped the power and responsibility that our Constitution gives to the president. The plenary power of the president is clear, our national security is at stake and this ruling sets a dangerous precedent which reduces the plenary power of the president to deny entry to any alien or class of aliens the president deems to not be in the national interest.

“President Trump’s Executive Order of March 6 is narrowly tailored to address legitimate national security concerns identified by both his administration and those of his predecessor. The intent of the temporary pause in admission of citizens of nations deemed to harbor or support international terrorism is to ensure that we have the ability to effectively screen out those who might pose a danger. Protecting the security of the nation is the president’s foremost responsibility.

“We urge the Trump administration to seek immediate review of this ruling before the United States Supreme Court. There is vast Court precedent affirming the authority of the president to restrict the entry of foreign nationals to the United States. Moreover, the threats to national security, enumerated by officials of both the Trump and Obama administrations, demand an expedited decision by the nation’s highest court.

“The security of the nation and the integrity of our constitutional system of government are at stake. This decision is without precedent, and constitutes a National Emergency because courts would now appear to be forcing the country to accept possible terrorists.”

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Founded in 1979, FAIR is the country's largest immigration reform group. With over 1.3 million members nationwide, FAIR fights for immigration policies that serve national interests, not special interests. FAIR believes that immigration reform must enhance national security, improve the economy, protect jobs, preserve our environment, and establish a rule of law that is recognized and enforced.