Video Campaigns


Immigration and College Students

How does immigration impact young Americans?


Mass Immigration, Too Dangerous for America -- Why we must reduce immigration.

Phase Down Mass Immigration -- So we can phase Americans back in.

The Sarah Root Story -- Murdered by an illegal alien from Honduras.

The Tessa Tranchant Story -- Killed by illegal alien from Mexico.

The Shayley Estes Story -- Shot by an illegal alien from Russia.

Stop "Sanctuary" Cities -- Sheriffs from across the U.S. speak out about dangerous sanctuary cities.

The "Gotcha" Question -- What do you do with the people that are here now?

Obama's Record of Dismantling Immigration Enforcement -- The timeline wrecking ball.

U.S. v. Texas -- What's really at stake in the vital Supreme Court case.

Out of the Shadows --Americans must speak up about the harms of illegal immigration.

Exposing Disney Layoffs -- Americans are losing their jobs to imported workers.