Guest Workers

For Mark Zuckerberg, Discriminating against American Workers is Good for Business | 2014
Immigration reform is not a humanitarian cause for Zuckerberg, but one that stands to greatly benefit him personally by making his company more profitable at the expense of American workers.

Nonimmigrants Who May Work in the United States | 2012
An overview of visa categories which allow non-immigrants to work in the United States.

L Visas | 2011
company transfers are used to end-run limits on the H-1B visa program.

H-1B Visas: Harming American Workers | 2008
H-1B skilled worker visas have no protections for job opportunities or wages of American workers.

Nonimmigrant Visa Types | 2008
An overview of nonimmigrant visa categories, including student, tourist, and business visas.

Why the IT Industry Doesn't Need More H-1B Workers | 2002
Importing high-tech workers discourages Americans from pursuing those jobs.

Lack of Employment Visas Shows Myth of High-Tech Labor Shortage | 2000
Laid-off American workers and replaced foreign workers belie claims of a high-tech worker shortage.

National Research Council Report on Tech Workers | 2000
No "shortage" of high-tech workers found in 2000 study, but impact on wages "nonnegligible."