It's Time to "Phase Down"
Mass Immigration

After four decades of mass immigration, let's try something new...

Phase Immigration Down so we can Phase Americans Back In!

Immigration is an optional program that is supposed to respond to the needs and desires of the American people. Our government can and should determine admission levels based on what’s best for America, but that's not happening.

For too long, Americans have been left out of the equation. Special interests have pushed for and sanctioned the preferences that allow employers to prefer foreign workers over American workers, and it is they who have buried the negative impacts on the native born labor force.

It’s time to put the needs of Americans first.


  • Tighten the labor market to help advance the leverage and opportunities for Americans.
  • Open up resources in primary and secondary education for American students.
  • Provide a breathing space so we can be sure criminals and other bad actors are not entering illegally or through resettlement programs.
  • Reduce the fiscal drain immigration creates, not just on schools, but on state budgets, medical care and the national deficit.


⇣  PHASE DOWN extended relative preferences. These extended relations have created something called chain migration, and make it impossible to control the numbers. Over a period of five years, these categories would be phased out to immediate relatives only.
⇣  PHASE DOWN annual numerical limits to cap the annual number of green cards issued per year.
⇣  PHASE DOWN the nonimmigrant visa categories that allow foreign workers to stay effectively forever and displace American workers, while limiting work authorization for those nonimmigrant workers already in the country.
⇣  PHASE DOWN illegal immigration, end amnesty discussions and encourage those here illegally to return home.

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