An Immigration Reform Agenda for the 112th Congress

The full agenda is available in pdf format.

Illegal immigration and mass immigration are detrimental to quality of life in the United States. The American family is increasingly bearing the costs of traffic congestion, urban sprawl, environmental degradation, increased crime, overburdened health care, overwhelmed public schools, and debt-ridden state and municipal governments—all results of uncontrolled immigration. The fiscal costs of immigration, legal and illegal, have always been substantial, but with the recent economic downturn, these costs have become even more burdensome. FAIR estimates that the annual cost of illegal immigration alone to the American taxpayer—after accounting for tax revenue received from illegal aliens—is $100 billion.

Congress and the federal government must restore legitimacy to the U.S. immigration system by ensuring that existing immigration laws are enforced and passing new legislation that will curtail legal immigration and improve the quality of life for all Americans.

Within FAIR’s legislative agenda for the 112th Congress, there are three major areas of true immigration reform: illegal immigration reform, national security reform, and legal immigration reform. These reforms often overlap and many of the suggested policy solutions for one area will prove to address all three areas of immigration policy. The lists of suggested reforms are by no means exhaustive, but do represent reforms FAIR considers to be top priorities and the most effective solutions for solving the immigration crisis in the United States.

FAIR presents this Immigration Reform Agenda for the 112th Congress as a guide for ending illegal immigration, reducing legal immigration to a more sustainable level, and improving national security—thereby lifting the burden on the American taxpayer, enhancing our national security, and improving our quality of life. We look forward to working with you through the 112th Congress.

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