Immigration Facts


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  Greater than 500,000   200,000 - 500,000   100,000 - 200,000   50,000 - 100,000   Less than 50,000

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Immigration-related data are available for the country, for each of the states and the District of Columbia. Data include:

  • Foreign-born population and share
  • Illegal Alien population and share (national and state only)
  • Naturalized (U.S. citizen) immigrants
  • Legal immigrant admissions
  • Refugee admissions
  • Foreign student enrollment
  • Costs of illegal aliens (national and state only)
  • Limited English Proficiency student enrollment
  • Immigration's impact on population growth

National data are available for the United States.

Public opinion poll data on immigration issues are available for the country and many states as well as for demographic segments of the population.

Immigration 101 is a primer on immigration issues for newcomers to the topic.

Suggested Reading offers some seminal writing on immigration history and contemporary issues for persons seeking a greater depth of knowledge.

The Quotes Library is a resource for persons seeking quotes by historic or current public figures on immigration issues.

The Glossary is a resource in case you come on an obscure immigration related term or acronym that you don't understand.