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April 17/18 Lawmakers Need to Hear From Your Listeners

As you may know, on April 17 and 18, fifty talk radio hosts from across the country will be broadcasting live for both days in Washington, D.C., as part of the annual Hold Their Feet to the Fire radio row discussing and opposing the Senate amnesty plan.  The bill has been negotiated in secret and leaders are hoping to rush it to the floor before the American public ever gets wind of what is in it.

Right now the plan for the bill is 1500 pages and counting. 

We wish you were with us but if you couldn't attend this year, we're hoping you will participate from your home markets during those two days with a concentrated, collective and loud nationwide push to alert listeners to oppose amnesty.

We need every host — not just those here at the event in Washington - informing the American people about a bill that would grant amnesty to 11 million illegal aliens, allow employers to bring in more cheap labor, and stick the American people with trillions of dollars in social costs over the coming decades.

In 2007 McCain-Kennedy-Bush amnesty bill was unveiled after months of secret talks and hit the floor with only hours of debate.  At the same time, 26 talk radio hosts rallied in Washington for our first Hold Their Feet to the Fire while hundreds of other hosts across the country encouraged listeners to pound the switchboard with listener calls.  Despite intense business and political pressure and overwhelming odds, the bill died.

It worked then and will now. Together, we can give the American people the information they need to stop amnesty again.

Please join 50 of your colleagues at Hold Their Feet to the Fire by devoting some, or all, of your program on those dates to talking about the massive immigration giveaway moving through Congress.  The bill is complex but the call-to-action is simple.  As we did successfully in 2007 we need you to ask your listeners to call their lawmakers, say No and flood the Capitol Switchboard on those two days.

Here are some things your listeners need to know:

  • The Senate bill would grant immediate legalization to 11 million, or more, illegal aliens.
  • Illegal aliens would be rewarded before our borders are secured, or mechanisms are in place to prevent further illegal immigration. Most likely the enforcement promises will never be kept at all.
  • Illegal aliens gaining amnesty would be immediately eligible for Obamacare, when it takes effect next year. As they move through the amnesty process they will become eligible for every means-tested entitlement program. 
  • The Senate bill would create a new program to allow the permanent immigration of new low-skilled workers to our nation's labor force under an agreement reached by Big Labor and Big Business, and a new massive government bureaucracy to manage it.
  • Between amnesty for 11 million illegal aliens and 200,000 additional foreign guest workers proposed under the bill, unemployed and underemployed Americans would face staggering competition for scarce jobs.
  • The bill was drafted in secret by the aptly named Senate Gang of Eight.
  • Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.), Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, with the backing of Harry Reid, wants to move this massive piece of legislation to the floor of the Senate for a vote without holding hearings!

Over those two days, let's make sure that every Senator and Congressman's phone is ringing.

Will you join us and put immigration on your agenda on April 17 and 18?


Bob Dane
Communications Director
Federation for American Immigration Reform

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